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Traditionally, we have all believed that true learning takes place in the classroom. However, with time, the trend is shifting towards more virtual teaching and learning. This has only been possible with the advent of e-learning through online tutoring portals. While it is true that neither can replace the other, there are certain factors where a comparison of the two will help you understand where learning is more effective.


Individual v/s Group Attention

Most students agree that one factor that affects their learning is the attention they receive from the educators. While it is impossible to state whether the level and quality of attention are better in the classroom or online learning, some generalizations certainly exist. It is a known fact that a conventional classroom has a student-teacher ratio of 25:1 at the minimum.

Such a proportion leaves little room for individual attention for each student. Classroom education, therefore, focuses on group attention, where individual doubts and clarifications may take a back seat. E-Learning, on the other hand, powered by online tutoring portals ensures individual attention to each student by offering personal tutors and one-to-one learning. Therefore, when it comes to attention, e-learning offers better consideration to the students.

Subject Matter Experts

Another factor that impacts the learning of students is the quality of educators. Unless expect tutors or teachers assist students, improvement in grades remains a difficult task. Again, while it would be unfair to generalize, however, it is an established fact that most schools have very limited subject matter experts.

This is to say that a school may have an upper limit of 5 expert teachers per subject to help students fix their grades. Online tutoring portals are bridging this gap. They generally have a vast panel of expert tutors from diverse fields of knowledge.

Students have the freedom to choose their tutors online and seek answers to their problems. These assignments help experts come from different parts of the globe and bring along their varied skill sets. Thus, e-learning allows students to learn from top subject matter experts and receive the best assignments help to stay on top of their class.

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the final factors that can determine a student’s performance is the level of convenience in learning. Traditional classroom learning is often inflexible as the student is expected to be physically and mentally present in the room for a period of 6 hours. Often students reach saturation in the middle of the day. Invariably, they are unable to retain what they learn later in the day. This is being effectively taken care of by e-learning.

Online tutoring allows students to learn, get answers and seek assignment help when they feel most comfortable. This forces them to learn just while teaching happens. Rather, they are encouraged to seek answers when they wish to learn. This flexibility and convenience of getting answers make students learn better and faster.

Understandably, the battle between online v/s offline learning is a never-ending one. Fortunately, the youth of today is in a position to leverage from the best of both worlds and fix their grades and excel academically.

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