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Online tutoring has become one of the fastest growing industries benefitting 1000s of students across the globe. It is common knowledge that online tutoring brings along a plethora of merits that makes it impossible to resist. However, when looked carefully, there might be a few factors in which it may still be lacking. Balancing the merits and the demerits of online tutoring will give us a clear picture of whether to go for it or not.

Ease of Access

One of the biggest advantages of online tutoring is its ease of access. Students can log on to online tutoring portals from all parts of the globe. Even eager learners from remote areas can access e- learning modules. Additionally, online tutoring is available around the clock, giving students the flexibility to learn when they feel most energized. Thus, online tutoring augments convenience of learning making it an imperative for students to register on e-portals.

Panel of Expert Tutors

Online tutoring allows students to learn and get best assignment help from expert tutors from all across the globe. Online tutors can teach beyond geographical borders and help students from all parts of the world access their knowledge. Students are the greatest beneficiaries as they not only get correct answers for all their questions, but also get a diversity of thought and opinion to the same questions. A panel of subject matter experts strengthens student knowledge beyond match and helps improve their grades.

Different forms of Learning

Online tutoring offers a large number of formats to help students get better grades. In addition to conventional teaching and practical work, e- learning portals allow students to indulge in live doubt clearing sessions, question-answer boards and online assignment help. The different formats encourage students to learn in different ways and get prepare them to answer all questions that might follow.

Individual Attention

What follows from different learning formats is the merit of individual attention that online tutors bring along. Students often complain about the lack of attention at school or in coaching classes. The doubts that remain in their minds bring down their grades and affect their performance. Online tutoring empowers students with private tutors that give them individual attention and clear doubts that they may have. Additionally, the one on one consideration allows students to feel comfortable and open up about questions that they might consider to be stupid in a larger crowd. Thus, e- learning encourages students to learn better.

There is clearly no end to the reasons why online tutoring is a boon in every student’s life. However, individuals argue that e- tutoring may decrease student concentration by giving them too much flexibility of when to learn. Additionally, they may miss out on the value of group learning and work if they focus solely on e- learning from home. While these may be genuine concerns, they are in no way obstacles to online tutoring. The former can be addressed by encouraging students to finish e- modules within a stipulated time frame. When it comes to group work, students can learn that through a number of other alternatives as well.

The bottom line is, that online tutoring may not be a complete replacement to all forms of conventional education, but must be seen as a strong supplement that finally assists in the academic performance of a student by fixing their grades.

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