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There can be many instances in your academic life where you will have to give a speech to a roomful of audience. The effectiveness of a speech depends on the speech delivery and how much of the message is conveyed to the audience through words. Delivering a speech in front of a large audience can be nerve-racking, added to this is the pressure of writing the perfect speech. You might often wonder whether I can pay someone to write my speech? The answer is yes, you can hire a speech writing service and get the speech written for you by a professional speechwriter. 


Even though speech writing may seem difficult it should not deter you from giving speeches as you can always use a speech writing service. Delivering speeches helps you develop rationale and focus which are both required for building effective communication skills. Good communication skills will help you in your academic as well as professional life. It is not easy, to sum up, and clearly convey all the information.

The speech has to be relevant and interesting to capture and hold the interest of the audience. This requires the speechwriter to be knowledgeable about the subject as well as understand what will connect with the target audience. Trying to write the perfect speech can be quite time-consuming. With the huge number of homework assignments, assessments, social activities, etc, writing a speech can be an added burden for many. It would be wise to take help from speech writing services that can provide you with well-written speeches at affordable prices. 

Speech writing service: Top 9 Indicators

When you ask yourself “Can I pay someone to write my speech?” make sure that you do thorough research about the speech writing service you intend to hire. Here is a list of things you should keep in mind before taking help from a speech writing service.


Writing samples

You can ask the speech writing service to provide you with samples of speeches they have written in the past. This will help you judge the quality of speech you can expect from the speech writing service. The website of the speech writing service might have some samples which you can view or the customer support team might be able to provide you with a few relevant samples. 

Professional writers

Check the expertise level of the writers available with the speech writing service. The speech writing service should have a pool of experts who are not only knowledgeable in their respective fields but are also adept at writing. Only when both these criteria are met can you get a speech that is well-written, follows the correct structure, and is grammatically as well as factually correct. 

Adherence to deadlines

A speech needs to be delivered at the specified time. Receiving a speech after the deadline however good is of no use to you. The speech writing service should adhere to the timelines agreed upon at the time of placing the order. A slight delay in providing you with the speech can hamper your speech delivery as you need ample time to practice the speech as well. 


Using a speech writing service should not burn a hole in your pocket. You can ask for quotations from multiple speech writing services and choose the one that fits your budget. All you have to do is submit your requirement on the website of the speech writing service along with the deadline and the customer support team will let you know how much the speech would cost. If you have any budget in mind you can tell the same to the customer support executive beforehand. 

Plagiarism free

Going on stage and delivering a speech that has been copied from somewhere or has already been delivered by someone before you can be very embarrassing. Your professors might take strict action against you for plagiarism. Plagiarizing a speech can lead to lower grades, suspension or even being barred from a particular course or class. To avoid such a situation, look for a speech writing service that provides you with 100% original content which is specifically written for you.


24X7 customer support

You might need the help of a speech writing service at the last minute or might need to ask follow-up questions related to your speech at an odd hour. In such scenarios, round-the-clock customer support can be a big relief. The customer support team can help you in answering your queries regarding placing an order for a speech, doubts about a speech prepared for you by professional speech writers.

Option to review

A speech is specific to the occasion and the content and format should be suitable for the target audience. Look for a speech writing service that allows you to review the draft of the speech before providing you with the final copy. This will allow you to see whether the speech has been written as per the requirements and instructions shared by you while finalizing the order for writing a speech. The speechwriter should be open to hearing your suggestions and incorporating them in the final speech wherever feasible. 

Refund policy

There could be instances where the speech writing service is unable to provide the speech to you within the deadline. There could be a chance that the speech is not as per the terms and conditions agreed upon. In both these situations, the speech writing service should refund your money as per their policy. The refund policy should be mentioned on their website or can be taken from the customer support team.

Client privacy

Look for the confidentiality policy of the speech writing service. Client privacy should be a priority for the speech writing service. Your details should remain confidential with them and not be shared with any third party. 

Speech writing service by TutorBin

The speech writing service offered by TutorBin is fast, affordable, and highly professional. You can get in touch with expert speechwriters at TutorBin and be assured to get a speech that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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