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An assignment is one of the essential aspects of the study. Students often get stressed out while doing assignments. It is not rare for students to complete their assignments early but get late as they don’t know the best way to submit assignments. TutorBin experts describe the process here just for you for those who find it difficult. We also offer you help with assignments.  

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Best Way to Submit Assignment-  

Here, we have discussed some options that you can explore to submit your assignment. Our experts have assembled detailed descriptions to ensure that you can use different platforms and devices to complete the submission without a glitch. Though we have given several options considering all grad school and university students, the assignment submission process mainly depends on your educational institution. The teachers decide how they want you to submit your assignment. Confirm what process your teacher has selected, and then use that specific method.  

Assignment  Submission through web 

If you want to submit your assignment through a web platform, this submission through the web is one of the best options for you. Students who want to make their submission this way can follow these steps to complete the process: 

  1. Hover over the Submit Assignment button in the Submissions area. Click the button 
  2. Once you click Submission, you need to choose one of the below-given options:
    • Upload: Select your assignment file from your computer. 
    • Create: You can also create your assignment document on the web using the text editor option.
  3. Click Submit to finish.
    Optional: If students want to resubmit an assignment, then they can click on the re-submit button and follow the same steps above.

Assignment Submission through Google Classroom 

We have stated the best way to submit assignments is through Google Classroom. If your university or grad school uses this platform, read out the process to know how you can Turn in (submit) an assignment.  

  1. Visit
  2. Click the class> Classwork.
  3. Click the assignment> View assignment.
  4. If you need to attach assignment materials:
    • Go to Your Work. Click on Add or Create. Select Google Drive, File, or Link. 
    • Enter a URL or you can also choose an attachment. Click the Add option.
  5. To attach a new document:
    • Under Your Work, you have to click on Add or Create> Docs, Slides, Sheets, or Drawings. A new file will attach and open.
    • Click on the file and start entering your information.
  6. (Optional) To remove any attachments, you have to go to the attachment. Next to the name, you will get an option to remove, click Remove and your previous attachment will be removed.
  7. (Optional) For Public Comments, you can click on the comment section and the whole class can see the comment.
    You can ask relevant questions. It helps others to complete the assignment. 
  8. (Optional) To add a private comment, enter your comment under the Private comments section and click Post. Only your teacher can see this private comment. 
  9. Click Turn In and confirm.
    The status of the assignment changes to Turned in.
    Important: If you get an error message when you click Turn in, let your instructor know. Once you turn, you will lose the editing rights. Your teacher will take over. 

Sometimes, your teacher assigns a doc where you get instructions and you have to complete the allocated assignment on that specific doc. If that is the case, here is your step-by-step guide that shows you the best way to submit assignments.  

Turn in an assignment with a doc assigned to you

When your teacher attaches an assignment document specifying your name, it becomes a personal copy. Here, your teacher has access to review your progress and edit when your first copy is done. Your teacher can add review comments on it as your work progresses. You can make the edits before clicking on Turn in and submitting your final assignment. The process is described below: 

  1. Visit
  2. 1st, click the class> Classwork.
  3. Click the assignment> View assignment.
  4. Now, click on the image with your name and open the assigned file.
  5. Once you open the file, enter your work into it.
  6. After finishing the document in Classroom, click Turn in to confirm your assignment submission. The assignment status will get changed and it will show Turned in.

Unsubmit an assignment

Sometimes, students mistakenly press the Turn in button before making the final version of their assignment. If you want to modify an assignment, unsubmit the work and make the changes. 

Important: If you submit an assignment after the due date, it is marked late. The turn-in should be before the due date, even if you submitted the corrected version or previously submitted the assignment before your deadline. Resubmission of an assignment should be before the due date. 

  1. Visit
  2. Click the class> Classwork.
  3. Then, click the assignment> View assignment.
  4. Finally, click Unsubmit, and confirm.

Note: Once you do the above-mentioned process, you will unsubmit the assignment. Turn in the assignment once again before the set deadline. 

From the iOS App

You can submit assignments by other means as well. If you plan to do that, the best way to submit assignments is through an iOS application. For submission of assignments, students can:

  1. Tap the assignment Which you would like to submit.
  2. Go to the top right and then, Tap the + icon over there.
  3. Now, you have to choose one of these options:
    • Create a Submission if you want to write a text-only response. 
    • For the camera roll, go to your iPhone or iPad camera roll and submit.
    • Submit your video or image assignment directly from your camera. You just have to take a Video or Photo from your camera at the time of submission.
    • Submit from Resources by attaching your files through Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.
    • Make submissions from iOS Apps. Attach your file to your device 
  4. Once you have completed the assignment, tap the Submit or Green checkmark.

From the Android App

Students can also submit their assignments from the Android application. For this, they have to follow the below-mentioned process:  

  1. Select the assignment that you would like to submit.
  2. Now, you need to swipe left. You can access the Submissions/Grades, Or You can tap the down-facing arrow sign given in the header part and select Submissions/Grades.
  3. Now go to the top right and tap the + icon there.
  4. You have to select your assignment here from your device to upload it. Choose Upload Submission for this. If you want to create the assignment there, tap the option Create Text Submission and write your assignment there.
  5. Check the Draft if you want to save the created assignment that you will submit. 
  6. Go to the top right & tap the sign arrow to complete the submission.

Step-by-Step Guide For Assignment Submission    

Now, we know what the best way to submit assignments is. But it’s important to ensure that you do complete your assignments properly. We have given you a step-by-step guide that will ensure you have nailed it. One can always take the help of online assignment help if all fails.

Step 1 – Understand your assignment 

Understand your assignment task from your teacher. 

Don’t forget to check what type of assignment you are doing. It helps you in your research and assists you in structuring your assignment accordingly. 

See the details of the assignment. Clarify with teachers if you have any doubts. 

Find the parameters on which your assignment will be assessed. 

Step 2 – Do your research

Research in writing assignments is one of the key aspects. Finding relevant and reliable information could help you to improve your assignment. 

For this, you can do the below-mentioned: 

  • online sources
  • talking to experts.

Step 3 – Plan

Plan how you will do the assignment. It will help you to put your full focus on making it better. If you need to follow a structure, make a special note before you start working on it.  

Step 4 – Start Working on the Assignment 

In the first draft, write the key pointers that you need to focus on. Jot down the information sequentially. If you are working on a mathematical assignment, you can note the formula or any concept required to explain. All the basic information will be there in the first layout of your assignment. For writing assignments, you can write pointers and conclusions while structuring your first layout.  

You need to revise your draft to make it grammatically correct for Fine-tuning it. Check plagiarism. Make the sentences more sensible, information-rich, and relatable. For writing assignments, check your content flow as well. For mathematical assignments, explain your answers with relevant formulas and functions. It will make more sense for your teacher that you have understood it well. 

Why is Assignment submission important? 

An assignment is an academic task given by teachers. It offers students the scope to study, and practice and reflects what they have learned. An assignment is a work that helps them to achieve learning goals. It provides them with an overview of whether students have understood the subject. Teachers evaluate the gained knowledge from the task and measure students’ academic performance depending on its quality. It’s amazing if you are able to submit assignments on time or else you can take homework help from experts to ensure that you meet the assignment deadline.  

Final Checklist Before Assignment Submission


We understand your predicaments. Considering your confusion and doubt, TutorBin experts have given the required information. If you feel that you also need our help with assignments, we welcome you to the TutorBin family. Our assignment writing help will guide you to deliver the best quality assignments and assist you in outperforming in your studies. For our help, click here. For more information, check our blog page regularly. 

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