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Getting a scholarship from an esteemed university or college can be a dream come true. The prospect of graduating debt-free should be a great motivator for you to win a scholarship. The most difficult and important part of a scholarship application is the scholarship essay. Writing the perfect essay is no easy task. What you write in an essay needs to convince the selection committee that you are worthy to win the scholarship.

Scholarship essay

Your essay should be unique so that your scholarship application stands out.  When you write an essay make sure that it captures your personality, your dreams, aspirations, achievements, your drive to pursue the course, etc. This will catch the eyes of the judges and help you win the scholarship. 

Top tips for scholarship essay

Good writing skills along with a few tips and tricks can help you submit a winning scholarship essay. Writing an essay might seem daunting at first. However, the following step-by-step can make this task easier for you.

Scholarship essay

Get a headstart

If you wait for the deadline before starting your essay, the result would be far from perfect. Ideally, you should begin planning your scholarship essay a few weeks before the submission deadline. This will ensure that you have sufficient time to gather your thoughts, do sufficient research, and write without any rush. It will also give you time to pause and revise your essay before the final submission.

Understand the evaluation criteria

If you want the scholarship committee to select your application, you need to know what they are looking for. You do not need to match exactly with their ideal candidate. However, you can spin your strengths to fit their criteria as much as possible. Addressing all the key evaluation criteria in your scholarship essay is also important.

Research on the scholarship provider

Generally, the scholarships are provided by a company or an organization. These entities have a specific reason or motivation for offering the scholarship. Take out time to do a little research on the scholarship provider by going through their website or any other material. The idea is to understand their vision and alter your essay to align with that. 

Read through sample essays

Always check the sample essays and scholarship essays written by students who have received scholarships in the past. It can give you an insight into what a good essay looks like. You can also get an idea about what should be included and what should be avoided.

Follow instructions

This seems like a very simple tip but when you are in a rush to complete your scholarship essay, you often forget to follow the simplest of instructions. Stick to the word limit and follow the essay formatting guidelines. Some of the scholarship judges might not even give a second glance at your essay if it is not in the correct essay format.

Stick to the essay prompt

Read the essay prompt thoroughly before you begin to write a scholarship essay. You should respond to all the parts of the essay prompt. Do not deviate from the essay prompt. Once you have finished writing the essay, read the prompt again to make sure that the essay addresses it wholly. 

Scholarship essay

Choose a topic that interests you

The topic of the essay impacts the content of the essay. If the topic is one that you are passionate about you will be able to write an essay that is interesting to read. Invariably, the passion and excitement for the topic will be visible in the essay. 

Create a roadmap

Once you have zeroed down on an essay topic, take at least one to two weeks to brainstorm ideas for your essay. This will allow you to explore the essay topic from various angles. Decide on how you wish to carry out the essay writing process along with timelines for each activity. If the essay requires any research, shortlist the resources you might need. 

Prepare an outline

Organize your thoughts and create an outline for the essay. Jot down all the points you wish to cover in the essay. Furthermore, organize these points into sections such as the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. When creating the flow of the essay ensure a logical order and continuity. The essay should be clear and easy to follow. 

Write an engaging start

Hooking the reader from the beginning will ensure that the scholarship committee does not leave reading your essay halfway. Keep the introduction strong and give your readers a preview of what is in store for them. 

Proofread and revise

However good you might be in writing essays, some errors do creep in inadvertently in your writing. Misspelling and grammatical errors give the impression that you were unprepared while writing the essay. It also demonstrates to the scholarship committee that you are not thorough with your work.

It is best to leave the essay aside for a couple of days after you are done writing and then relook at it with a fresh mind. This will also give you a chance to add on points or rewrite parts of the essay to make it look better. If possible, ask a friend or a peer with strong writing and editing skills to proofread it for you.

Ensure originality

The scholarship committee wants to know who you are through the essay. Copying someone else’s essay would not only be treated as plagiarism, but it will also defeat the whole purpose of writing the scholarship essay. 

Scholarship essay help

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