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Visual learning is an effective way of imparting education as students tend to remember visuals for a longer time. TutorBin offers a unique service in the form of Video Solutions for homework problems which is a blend of online assignment help and live online sessions. With the unleashing of the pandemic, students have been exploring different formats of online learning to best suit their academic needs.

TutorBin helps Students in Homework Help

More often than not, students want to learn at their flexibility, but also have an in-person interaction. This is where video solutions come in. Video solutions provide a video walkthrough along with the written assignment. It combines the advantages of both live online sessions as well as written assignment help. They not only help the students in completing their homework assignments for them but watching a video explaining the step-by-step solutions to a problem improves the learning of the students as well.

Benefits of video solutions for homework help

There are several benefits that video solutions bring to the table as a form of online homework help and online assignment help. Most students who have leveraged TutorBin’s video solutions claim that it is one of the most superior forms of online learning that they have come across. Let’s quickly take stock of the top 12 benefits that video solutions bring to students across the globe.

Easier to recall

Visual images tend to be stored in the long-term memory and students find them easy to recall as compared to. Online homework help sites offering video solutions help the students with remembering the solutions to their homework for a longer period of time which makes it useful for them during the assessments and examinations.

Step by step solution

Video solutions offered by TutorBin are prepared by experts who provide step-by-step solutions to the homework in the video. The tutors break down complex problems into small steps making it easier for the students to understand the process of solving the problem and arriving at the solution. This also helps them in solving similar problems in the future.

More engaging and interesting

Trying to go through pages of written assignments can be tedious and boring for some students. Video solutions increase the engagement level and interest of the students. This makes the students look forward to learning and the student can understand the written assignment better after watching the video solution.

Flexibility as compared to live online sessions

Video solutions to homework allow the students flexibility as compared to live online sessions. Students can access these solutions as per their schedule and can pause and resume the solutions as per their comfort which is not possible with live online sessions.

Helps to learn in a shorter period of time

Students are often pressed for time due to the academic and after-school activities they are involved in. This leaves them with less time to complete their assignments, TutorBin offers the students video solutions along with written assignments, which helps them learn at a faster pace as compared to reading each and every line of the assignment to understand the homework.

Human connection

Online homework assignment writing service helps the students in meeting deadlines, scoring high grades, etc., but there is a lack of human connection in this process. The video solutions prepared by the experts working with TutorBin provide a human touch to the homework answers.

Solutions by experts

Once the doubt is submitted and a deadline set, TutorBin assigns the assignment to an expert in that particular subject. These experts have deep knowledge of that field and provide video and written solutions after detailed research and ensure that the solution is 100% correct. Also, with comprehensive experience in the field, expert tutors are able to explain the solutions in the video extremely well, as compared to anyone else.

Easier to understand

TutorBin engages professionals for online homework assignment writing and creating video solutions to the homework problems. These professionals are experienced educators and they make videos with detailed explanations of the homework solution. These videos are prepared to keep in mind the comprehension level of a particular grade making it easier for the students to understand and learn.

Personalized tutorials

There are a lot of videos available online teaching various concepts but what these tutorials lack is giving the students solutions to a particular problem. TutorBin provides personalized tutorials which are prepared specifically to provide solutions to the exact homework assignment questions submitted by a student.  Students don’t have to watch numerous videos to understand their homework. They benefit from sharing the exact problem they have and getting a video tailored to their need.

24/7 availability

The students can submit their doubts, set a deadline, and can request video solutions to their homework questions 24/7. Once they receive the video solutions the students have the advantage of understanding the homework solution at their own pace and have it available to them round the clock. The students can watch the video solutions multiple times till they are able to completely understand the answer.

Option to review

TutorBin provides the option of reviewing an answer provided by the experts. The student has the option of going through the video solution and reaching out to the support team in case there is any difficulty in understanding the steps involved in arriving at the solution.

On the go learning

Students lead busy lives and might spend a lot of time traveling to and from school and after-school activities. With video solutions, they can understand the answers to the homework assignments on the move using their smartphones.


TutorBin: The best video solutions platform

If you are convinced that video solutions are the form of online homework help that you wish to use, TutorBin should be your first choice. TutorBin is a pioneer solution provider in this field and has several experts to help students learn better visually. Don’t waste time and hop on to this new trend of homework help to get better grades, augment your knowledge and conceptual clarity, and accelerate your way to a promising professional career.

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