What are video solutions ?

What are video solutions ?

Video solutions are a form of online homework help where students get 100% correct solutions to their questions in a step by step manner. The cherry on the cake is that in addition to having written solutions, students also get a video walkthrough of the same to augment the understanding of the solutions provided. One of the most pressing needs for students when they seek online homework help is the missing human touch to make sense of the steps undertaken. While live sessions are an option, most students are pressed for time and seek immediate help. In such a situation, live sessions can be more time consuming and video solutions can be a revolutionary combination of homework help with a human connection.

How It Works

Ask Your Doubt

Type your question or requirements for which you need a video solution, you can also attach supporting files.


Set Deadline
Set Deadline

You need to set a deadline based on your urgency. Our team will review your query and get in touch with you instantly. You will get a price quotation shortly, don’t hesitate to communicate your budget and price expectations to the chat executive.


Get Expert Tutor

Now you have to make payment to confirm your order. Once the order is confirmed, a suitable tutor is assigned to work on your requirements. The assigned tutor will work out the solution, and make a video explaining all the steps.


Review Answer
Review Answer

You will be notified on mail and your Tutorbin dashboard regarding status update of the query. You can go through the solution provided by the tutor and chat with us regarding any difficulty in understanding the solutions provided.


Boost Grade

Now that your requirements are fulfilled, you are all set to move on to a new learning/topic/assignment/course, and finally get the perfect grade. We are online 24*7 for your help.


Why Video Solutions ?

Video solutions are a pioneering idea by TutorBin in e-learning and the online homework help space. It is the sweet spot between online homework help, where students get solutions to the questions and assignments, and live sessions which offer a human touch. At TutorBin, we take pride in bringing this unique solution live to our student community to support their learning and academic improvement at every step.
- While solutions to online homework help are given in a step by step manner which are simple to comprehend, sometimes, students prefer someone taking them through each step. Voice over for each answer in video solutions is meant exactly to address this need which increases understanding for students.
video solutions provide a great way to nurture the human connection which may be lost in other forms of e-learning. What makes them better than normal video tutorials is that they don’t give you a broader understanding of a topic. Rather, they strategically focus on the question that you have in hand, ensuring that you get a solution to submit state of the art assignments.
- Video solutions are not only a means to submit a particular assignment well. Rather, they give students the opportunity to listen to and learn from expert tutors from all across the globe. This can be a way to understand how a particular type of question is to be solved, helping students create their own solutions in the future.
- While live sessions may not be available across the clock, students can request video solutions based on their needs. These are most ideal when students are pressed for time and need quick solutions not just for submission but to ensure that they learn along the way.

Model Question and Solution

Find dy/dx where, y = x sin x