What are Live-Sessions ?

What are Live-Sessions ?

Live sessions or live online homework help are a form of e- learning where students get connected to the expert tutors to facilitate knowledge transfer. Under this format, students get connected with expert tutors in live chat, where they can send questions and in return get well detailed solutions of those questions in the same live chat and resolve any queries and doubts they may have. As the name suggests, live sessions happen in real time, based on the convenience of the student. If students want live homework help, live assignment help, need help in live exam preparation or want solutions to old exam questions then students can book a live session. Online tutoring and even online homework help via live sessions is increasingly becoming an alternative to classroom learning with more attention. Students can learn from the best Expert Tutors and private tutors online through live sessions.

How It Works

Book your session timings

Book a Live-session by telling us the date, starting time, duration and subject name for which you need an expert tutor. Based on your requirements, we will assign a group of tutors to answer all your questions in the session.


Provide reference materials

You need to provide the topic name, instructions and reference material to help us find the perfect tutor for your help. Our team will review your query and get in touch with you instantly. You will get a price quotation shortly, don’t hesitate to communicate your budget and price expectations to the chat executive.


Get Expert Tutor

Now you have to make payment to confirm your order. Once the order is confirmed, Your live session is booked. A group of expert tutors will be assigned to solve your doubts in the session.

expert tutor

Ask doubt during session

We operate Live Sessions through our chat or WhatsApp, you just have to send us questions on WhatsApp and simply find one-by-one solutions in your chat. You can go through the solution provided by the tutor and chat with us regarding any difficulty in understanding the solutions provided.


Boost your Grade

Now that your current requirements are fulfilled, you are all set to move on to a new learning/topic/assignment/course, and finally get the perfect grade. We are online 24*7 for your help.


Why Live-Sessions ?

Live sessions for e-learning/ online homework help are coming up as an effective and efficient alternative to traditional classroom learning. Students can not only access 1-o-1 live sessions, but live sessions can also facilitate virtual learning for large groups. Live sessions are best for students who want well detailed solutions of their homework, assignment or old exam questions so that they can understand the concept and score well in their studies.
- As opposed to classroom learning, live sessions will allow you to interact with personal tutors online who guide you on how to solve questions correctly and get better grades. With personal attention, you can ask your expert tutor to help you improve your academic performance. This also comes in handy when you seek live online homework help or live assignment help.
- Live sessions allow you to get solutions to all your doubts from expert tutors in a well explained manner. Students can send questions in a live chat connected with a personal tutor and in return get well detailed correct solutions from expert tutor. Students can schedule a live session if they want help in exam preparation, want solutions to old exam questions or want help with homework or assignment questions in a live chat.
- Online tutoring via live sessions allow you to interact with and learn from global online tutors that have domain expertise. You can learn from a larger talent pool that may not be accessible through classroom learning. These expert tutors can offer live online assignment help, live online homework help in a live chat and send detailed solutions correctly and neatly written on a piece of paper.
- With live sessions you can request the expert tutors to go at your pace and stress more on the areas where you need more support. Focus on your problem areas will help you improve your grades and academic performance. Schedule a live session for those subjects only in which your concept is weak and need explained solutions of questions and all queries regarding that in a homework help live chat.
- One of the best parts about live sessions is that despite being virtual, they take place in a live chat and you can get all your doubts cleared without any time lapse. Schedule live sessions when you need live online homework help, live online assignment help, live exam help preparation, need help in exam questions who are already done to clear concepts.

Model Question and Solution

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