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What are live sessions?
Live sessions are a form of e- learning where students get access to dedicated sessions with expert tutors to facilitate knowledge transfer. Under this format, students can get not only conceptual clarity, but also clear any queries and doubts they may have. As the name suggests, live sessions happen in real time based on the convenience of both the tutor and student. Online tutoring via live sessions is increasingly becoming an alternative to classroom learning with more attention. Students can learn from the best Expert Tutors and private tutors online through live sessions.

Live sessions for e-learning are coming up as an effective and efficient alternative to traditional classroom learning. Students can not only access 1-o-1 live sessions, but live sessions can also facilitate virtual learning for large groups. Thus, with live sessions, students even in the remote locations can get access to knowledge from global Expert Tutors in a cost effective and seamless manner.

Why live sessions?
There are a number of reasons why live sessions under e- learning are growing rapidly-
  1. Personalized attentions

    - As opposed to classroom learning, live sessions will allow you to interact with private tutors online who guide you on how to get better grades. With the personal attention, you can ask your subject matter expert to help you improve your academic performance.
  2. Get conceptual clarity

    - Live sessions allow you to get solutions to all your doubts from expert tutors. You can create a personal question answer board with your online tutor and understand the foundational concepts of all subjects you have a hard time tackling.
  3. Global Expert Tutors

    - Online tutoring via live sessions allow you to interact with and learn from global online tutors that have domain expertise. You can learn from a larger talent pool that may not be accessible through classroom learning.
  4. Suit your needs

    - With live sessions you can request the expert tutors to go at your pace and stress more on the areas where you need more support. Focus on your problem areas will help you improve your grades and academic performance.
  5. Learn in real time

    - One of the best parts about live sessions is that despite being virtual, they take place in real time and you can get all your doubts cleared face to face without any time lapse.

Who is it for?
Different e-learning formats are suitable for different students. Live sessions with expert tutors are best for students who-
  1. Are looking to build strong academic foundations and improve their grades
  2. Need personalized attention from Expert Tutors to focus on certain areas of study
  3. Aspire to learn from online tutors globally.
  4. Want long term engagement with expert tutors to improve academic performance
  5. Want to clear their doubts in real time
  6. Believe e-learning can help them in fixing their grades
  7. Need the human connection to learn and perform better
  8. Reside in remote locations and do not have access to classroom education
  9. Whose doubts remain unclear in classroom due to lack of individual attention from professor
  10. Not able to attend any classroom lecture due to some reason

How does it work?
  1. Interact with expert tutors in real time to get solutions for your problems.
  2. Book a session based on your needs
  3. Specify the time you will be needing for us to engage the right expert tutor for you
  4. Make the payment
  5. Upload reference material to help your subject matter expert be ready to deliver a fruitful session
  6. Provide instructions in terms of methodology to be followed or anything else for the subject matter expert
  7. Get instant solutions for all your queries, with utmost perfection and value for money.

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