The expression for calculating the CFSE for a high-spin dt octahedral complex is: а.-1.6До Ob.-1.6Ao +P с. -1.8Д0 od.-0.6Ao De.-1.2A0 Which of the following statements is correct? Electronic excitations are

allowed for [Fe(H20)6)3* complex ions resulting in a strong absorption spectrum. b.Absorptions in the electronic spectrum of [Mn(H20)62*are extremely weak. C. The electronic spectrum of (Ni(NH3)6)* is spectroscopically simple with only 1 absorption peak observed in the uv-vis spectrum. d. The absorption in the electronic spectrum of [Ti(H20)613+ is an excitation from an e to a tz orbital. Tetrahedral d complex have very low molar absoptivities resulting in weak spectra.

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