1. (15 points) The follower motion program has three dwells: AB, EF, GH which respectively corresponds y=0.5" for 0 E [0°, 45°l, y=2" for 0 E [160°, 225°), y=1.0" for

0 E [270°, 300°). a) The rise part BE is comprised of two parabolic functions: acceleration and deceleration. It is required that displacement and velocity for the entire rise must be continuous. Please write all boundary conditions, derive the design equations and solve all the coefficients of the function. Write the function y(0) for the entire rise. b) Given the design in part a), determine the maximum speed (unit: in/s) of the follower for the rise BE. Assume cam rotates at a constant speed of 150 RPM. c) Suppose we use a simple harmonic motion for the return part FG (0 E [225°, 270°]). Please use the coordinate transformation approach to write the motion program.

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