1 A Guitar string': A string is stretched between two points 75cm apart. Two successive resonancefrequencies are 315HZ and 420 Hz. a What is the fundamental frequency? (Hint:youhave enough spaceforyour

answer below). b Draw a labelled picture of the string oscillating at its fundamental frequency and from your picture (notfrom an equation) i show what the wavelength of this first harmonic is and state its value. ii Find the speed of the wave on the string (use units that obviously give the correct units for your answer (sodon't use Hz)). iii Which way is the wave moving? iv What is the wavelength of the sound this string makes in air? c Draw and label the string oscillating in the standing wave patterns associated with the resonance frequencies315HZ and 420HZ. On your clearly labelled pictures show what the corresponding wavelengths are and state their values.

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