1) As a requirement engineer, your clients in medical, education and tourism sectors are facing big impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. i)Suggest a computer-based system for a chosen sector to assist on facing the pandemic new norm. ii)Based on the above suggested system, write a user story as description of how the system can be used for some particular task that you need to state down. 2) A software process model is an abstract representation of a process. It presents a description of a process from some particular perspective.Based on your user story in 1 ii); a)Decide which software process model that would you choose for this project. b)Based on your answer in 2 a), i.)Draw a diagram of your chosen software process model. Make sure you label all the phases put all the suitable symbols.and ii)Write one (1) specific activity pertain to your suggested system in 1) i., for every phases in the chosen process model diagram. c) With reference to your user story in 1) ii. as a casestudy, i) State four (4) stakeholders of the system. ii)Draw a context diagram of the suggested system in 1) ii. Make sure you label the actors, the relationships between them as well as their relationships to the system. Note: Do not forget to document your assumptions, if you make any.

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