1. Calculate the average daily demand (ADD), the maximum daily demand (MDD), the maximum month's average day demand (MMADD), and the peak hourly demand (PHD) for a new water system in the State of Washington, following their State Water System Design Manual( You can assume that it is a completely new system (therefore you do not have metered data from this system, nor do you have data from an analogous water system), that the service area will have a separate irrigation system (so you can use a value of 350 gpd/ERU to calculate MDD, as specified on page 36 of the manual), and that the system will have predominantly residential demands (e.g.,you can use Equation 3-1 to determine PHD), and that there will be no commercial, industrial,public facility, farming/crop irrigation, or recreational development other than the ones listed below.Hint: use Table 3-2 of the design manual to calculate demands from nonresidential use categories. For this problem, do not worry about fire flow or water loss due to leakage.

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