1. Calculate the total binding energy and the binding energy per nucleon of (a) 7Be and (b) 56Fe. An isotope of fission is 1515m, with a half-life of 90 y. How long will it take 0.05 g to decay to 0.01 g? 5. Assume that a source of 60Co can be safely managed if it contains less than 0.01 Ci. How long would it take for a source containing 5 Ci of 60Co to reach this value? 6. Write the following in equation form to show the balance of atomic and mass number and the compound nucleus: (a) 'Li(p, a), (b) Be(d, p), (c) 'Be(p, a), and (d) ºBe(d, a). 9. 10 mCi of 90Sr is separated from a fission product mixture and allowed to sit for 90y to grow in. What is the activity of 90Y at (a) 20 h and (b) 600 h?

Fig: 1