В.Newspaper Editorial Assignment Students will prepare one newspaper editorial in response to one of the questions listed below. Your editorial should be 750 to 1000 words or three to four

double-spaced, typed pages in length. While issues concerning proper approaches to writing a newspaper editorial will be posted on the course e Learn site, good models can be found in most Editorial and Issues/Ideas pages of any major daily newspaper. There are also several editorials posted to the class e Learn site under most topics that you can use as a model or example for your own editorial. Your editorial must be submitted to my email address by email attachment as a Word document on Monday, November 23 by no later than midnight. Late assignments will be subject to a 1 point per day penalty (out of a possible 20 points) for every day it is late. No comments will be made by me on late editorials. 1. Can we trust government to look after the common good? 2. Is it meaningful to talk about the common good in a diversesociety? 3. Is the study of politics an essential component of a goodeducation? 4. Is Canada a nation-state? 5. What should be the rights and obligations of citizens? 6. Is multiculturalism a positive feature of countries such as Canada? 7. Which ideological perspective do you think provides the bestperspective on basic political values? 8. Is viewing women as oppressed a valid depiction of the position ofwomen in Canada? 9. Do radical versions of environmentalism provide a desirable andpractical vision for the world? 10. Does Canada have a distinctive political culture? 11. Why do so few young people vote? Should we be concerned? 12. Does liberal democracy provide an appropriate combination of freedom and equality? How do we achieve the right balance? 13. Why might a political elite prefer to govern through a non-democratic system? Could there be a defensible reason for rejecting democracy? 14. Should the rule of law and civil liberties be suspended when acountry is faced with terrorist threats? 15. Why has the Canadian federal system tended to becomedecentralized? Is this a good thing? 16. Should Canada replace the monarchy with an elected head of state? 17. Does the Canadian parliamentary system give too much power tothe prime minister? 18. Should party discipline in Parliament be loosened? 19. Is a minority government preferable to a majority government? 20. Should the Canadian Senate be maintained as is, changed, orabolished? peaceful world a realistic objective? How might a more peaceful world be achieved?

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