1) Consider the circuit shown below. We will see that this is a representation of Topology 4 of common-mode feedback, when evaluated for common-mode signals. Assume that all transistors are biased to have a | Veff|=0.1 V with λ = 0.25 V-¹. The transistors are sized such that M1-M2 have W/L ratio of 0.5Kn; M3 has W/L ratio of Kp; M4-M5 have W/L ratio of 10kp; M6-M7 has W/L ratio of 5Kn; and M8-M10 have W/L ratio of Kn. Calculate the following: a. Loop gain b. Beta for Vset/Vout c. Closed-loop gain, Acl = Vout/Vset, including effects of the loop gain d. If lambda were doubled, calculate the percent change in loop gain and percent change in closed-loop gain (i.e., (Xnew-Xold)/Xold x 100%). e. Explain why the percentage errors are so different between T and Acl. MIO M9 ходиа Kn Loke M4 M5 Voino Vort JMI to Mb 5 kn M7 5kn 500μA M2 0.5 км M8 M3 Кр Kn 100μA Vset

Fig: 1