1. Globalization could increase trade and cross-border investment, which could help lower prices of goods and services. 2. In VUCA world, Ambiguous refers to situations with little information available and high level of predictability. 3. The world has been witnessing a global economy in which countries are more converged towards common market in terms of tastes and preferences. 4. According to the New Trade Theory, the ability of firms to gain economies of scale can enhance and support international trade. 5. Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) is the exactly the same as Regional Trade agreement (RTA). 6. Exporting is regarded as the highest risky entry mode in a global market in comparison to other modes of entry. 7. Location economies refer to economies that arise from performing a value creation activity in a proximity location for that activity. 8. It is rather riskier to rely on "spot on" exchange rates in international businesses deals and transactions. 9. Following "International Strategy" allows a company to respond to both high cost reduction pressure and high local responsiveness pressure. 10. Through licensing, a firm could give away valuable technological know-how to a potential foreign competitor.