1. Hayden and Sara have decided to paint the internal surface of their pool. Epoxy pool paint is available for $199.90 for a 3.5L kit and covers 25m². A minimum of two coats is recommended. How many kits of Epoxy pool paint will you require? 2. Find the total cost of the pool paint kits. 3. Hayden and Sara are particularly poor painters and so will pay someone to paint the pool for them. They would like the pool painted in one day. They can hire a pool painter at a cost of $59.00per hour. The painter can paint 8m2 each hour. Calculate the time in hours (to the nearest hour) it will take him to paint your pool. The painter works a 5 hour day and charges an additional overtime rate at time and a half for the next 5 hours and double time after that find the cost of paying the painter to paint the pool 5. Hayden and Sara want to purchase an energy efficient pool pump. They have a choice of 2 pumps. Which pump should they choose, give calculations and reasons to support your answer.Hint: Consider how much energy each pump is using. 6. Hayden and Sara need to decide on a pool fence. Considering your budget and the Hayden and Sara preferences, which fence would you advise them to purchase? Give reasons and calculations to support your answer. Hint: consider how much you have already spent.

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