1) In the market for SUV S, several events occur one at a time.Explain the influence of each event on the quantity supplied of SUV S and the supply of

SUV S.Illustrate the effects of each event by circling either a movement along the supply curve or a shift in the supply curve The events are: The price of a truck rises. Hint: A truck is a substitute in production for an SUV.Quantity supplied of SUVS Supply of SUVS (Movement along demand) (shift of supply) b. The price of an SUV falls.Quantity supplied of SUVS ---------------Supply of SUVS---------(Movement along demand) (shift of supply) c.The price of an SUV is expected to fall next year.Quantity supplied of SUVS-------------- Supply of SUVS----------------- (Movement along demand) (shift of supply) An SUV engine defect requires a huge and costly manufacturer's recall to replace the defective engines.Quantity supplied of SUVS ---------------Supply of SUVS---------------.(Movement along demand) (shift of supply) e.A new robot technology lowers the cost of producing SUVS. Quantity supplied of SUVS -----------Supply of SUVS-------------(Movement along demand) (shift of supply)

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