1. In what way are the following pairs of words related? In case of hyponymy, indicate which word is the hyponym and which word is the hypernym; in case of

antonymy, tell what kind it is(complementary, gradable, relational opposites). (5 points) 1. Penne/Rigatoni 2. Lend/Borrow 3.Flour/flower 4. Easy/Hard 5.Shoes/Sandals 2. For each pair of sentences, determine whether: sentence a) entails sentence b) OR sentence a) and sentence b) are mutually entailing OR sentence a) and sentence b) are incompatible: (5 points) My puppy is playful.a. b. I have a puppy. с.Everyone loves pizza. d. No-one hates pizza. e. I don't like going to concerts. f. Going to concerts is something I enjoy. g. I live in Europe. h. I live on a European island. i. I have fruit every day. j. I have an apple every day.

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