1. Introduction In this assignment you will build on your knowledge of classification image classification problem using a convolutional neural network. This assignment aims to guide you through the processes by following the four fundamental princi- ples. in particular you will solve an • Data: Data import, preprocessing, and augmentation. • Model: Designing a convolutional neural network model for classifying the images of the parts. • Fitting: Training the model using stochastic gradient descent. • Validation: Checking the model's accuracy on the reserved test data set and investigating where the most improvement could be found. Additionally, looking into the uncertainty in the predictions. This is not necessarily a lincar process, after you have fit and/or validated your model, you may need to go back to carlier steps and adjust your processing of the data or your model structure. This may need to be done several times to achieve a satisfactory result. This assignment is worth 35% of your course grade and is graded from 0 35 marks. An additional two bonus marks are available to the student who's model performs best on a previously unseen data sel.