1. Open the file and save your working file as a .xlsx file in another folder. 2. Freeze the top row" for convenience. 3. Calculate the LeadTime in column K as

Arrival Date minus Order Date; format the field as an integer. 4. Create a pivot table to examine the average lead time by Supplier. Place pivot table output at cell N1. The question is: "does a significant difference exist between the lead time for Aluminum Sheeting and Durrable Products?" 5. Sort the data by Supplier to allow for easier selection of lead time data. 6. Use the Data Analysis toolkit to prepare a Two-Sample t-test, assuming unequal variances. Place your output at cell N14. Following the selection settings from page 263, Figure 7.10 for this test. 7. On a word doc complete 8-10 8. Describe which test (one tail or two tails) should be used. 9. Interpret the findings produced by the Data Analysis tool. 10. How would you go about comparing all suppliers in this list? Is Excel well-suited for this? 11.

Fig: 1