1. The amplifier of Fig. 1 consists of two identical common-emitter amplifiers connected in cascade. Observe that the input resistance of the second stage, Rin2, constitutes the load resistance of the first stage. \mathrm{mV} \text { , determine the de collector current and de collector voltage of each transistor } (b) Draw the small-signal equivalent circuit of the entire amplifier and give the values of allits components (ignore ro). \text { (c) Find } R_{i n} 1 \text { and } v_{b} / v_{s i g} \text { for } R_{s i g}=5 \mathrm{k} \Omega \text { (e) For } R_{L}=2 \mathbf{k} \Omega, \text { find } v_{d} V_{b 2} \text { (f) Find the overall voltage gain } v d v_{s i_{8}}

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