1) The city of Morgantown is planning on designing and implementing a protected bike/pedestrian lane on Monongahela Boulevard. The project entails the narrowing of the existing traffic lanes and the addition of a 10-12 ft wide shared use bidirectional path between the drainage and a buffered landscaped area. Describe the steps that the city engineers should take before undertaking the design of the infrastructure. (Hint: refer back to your readings and notes pertaining to the transportation planning process, review the ITE flowchart.) [25 points] Define the related system the city engineers should take into consideration (boundary and components, and if you can identify, major interactions between components) as well as the hierarchy of the components. [20 points] Provide an example of how the city engineer can use this information of the defined system and/or hierarchy of components in the planning of the project. [5 points]

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