1) The data in the excel file labeled “Decrease LDL" shows the result of administering anew drug to 20 subjects that were diagnosed as having very high LDL Cholesterol level. Dose, in mg, is the explanatory variable and decrease, shows the magnitude of the decrease for the dose shown for that subject, is the response variable. a) (10 pts) Make a scatter plot of the data; do not include the regression line and/or equation. b) (10 pts) What are your observations based on the scatter plot? c) (10 pts) What is the regression, r? Comments? d) (10 pts) Add the least squares regression line and r2 to your scatter plot. e) (10 pts) What are your thoughts based on the least squares line and r?? f) (10 pts) If you administer a 25 mg dose what would you expect the decrease in LDL Cholesterol to be

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