1. The rate at which a given enzyme can catalyse a reaction (v) can be dependent on the substrate concentration (s) according to the relationship v=\frac{s}{m+s c} where m and

c are constants. In an experiment measuring reaction products over time, the rate v was recorded as concentration s was increased, and the results recorded in the table: (in umol dm-3 min-1) 0.05 0.100.20 0.290.38 0.480.65 0.740.83 0.91 (in umol dm-3)10203040 50708090 100 (ii) Predict the rate of reaction when s = 155 How reliable do you think this value is? Give reasons for your answer. (i) Verify graphically (i.e. plot using graph paper) that these data follow the relationship above,and hence determine c and m. NOTE that to find m you should take the line of best fit to the data points NOT just use two of the data points. What are the units of c and m?

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