The gas constant R=8.314–1/mol-kWhat is the value of R for CO2 in gal -bar/Lbm-R Convert 400 kg-l/l- to its equal in lbmcat /ft3 A student lives 9 miles away from campus. The student takes 13 minutes to reach his class using his car. If the city speed limit is 60Will the student get a speeding ticket? Explain A swimming pool is 30'6" long, 22'4" wide and 10'3" deep. Determine amount of water (in tons) required to fill the pool. Hint: 30'6" means 30 feet and 6 inches. 1. What is the mole fraction of sodium hydroxide (NAOH) in a 4.2 molar aqueous solution (S.G. = 2.13)?ka A mixture consists of A and B flows at 100 . If the mass flow rate of A was found to be 3 what is the mass fraction of b in the mixture

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