1. You will read chapters one and two in Talk like TED and choose one of the sample talks for review. 2. After you read the chapter and choose a

talk (I would watch more than one) and write a critique of it based on what you have learned so far about public speaking. Use the blog, the book, and the template to see how closely the speaker you have chosen uses the elements we have discussed so far. Include uses of rhetorical devices.3. Explain each of the elements that you notice and explain why you think it did or did not work for the speaker. You are entitled to your opinion just have evidence to back it up. How well does the speaker consider the audience? How do ethos,pathos, and logos manifest in the speech? How did the speaker use the basics of good speech organization? What is the difference between the speech purpose (the moral) and the thesis statement? What rhetorical devices did the speaker use?This part of the document should be 3-4 pages based on Times New Roman double space 12 point type which comes out to about 750-1000 words.

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