11. Submit a copy of one peer reviewed research study article on this topic, from question 10 above, with your assignment - the entire article NOT just an abstract. This will

allow you to make sure research has been done on this topic and ensure that you can find peer reviewed research studies on your topic plus get you started thinking about your paper. A peer reviewed research study will include an abstract, introduction, methods, results and a conclusion or discussion. If methods and results are not included then it is not an actual research study. Please actually attach the entire article as a pdf or copy and paste it into your assignment document. DO NOT only include a link to the student as I can not always access the links. The actual study must be attached for credit. It is a great idea to go the campus library and ask for help searching databases for just peer reviewed research journals - they are there and can help you. If you find an article online but can't get the article for free the library allows you to request complete research articles at no cost to you as a student. So visit the library - this link will tell you how to get help from the library, some things can be done from your computer so check out the library resources:

Fig: 1