18. Marty and Wendy Byrde establish a limited liability company which will own their casino. Marty and Wendy are____________ 9. The state of Missouri, where the casino will be located,requires Marty and Wendy to file_______- ). Marty does not want his bankers to know where he lives,so Wendy agrees to be the ________and accept any legal complaints the LLc recieves 21. After talking to her friend Shemp, Wendy believes they need an _________,but marty thinks moe is right and the _______ will settle their differences by making them share management and profits equally 22. Wendy doesn't trust Marty and wants the LLC to be_______instead of________with her friend Darlene acting as manager. 3. Marty doesn't trust Darlene. He's afraid she’ll destroy the business in which case he'll lose all of his 1. Wendy sees Marty take some of the casino profits and hide them in a personal bank account. She sees him take more of the casino's money to buy himself a Maserati.Wendy worries that the court will_____________make them personally liable for the business debt.

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