1st Assignment Instructions: Complete the following sentences with paraphrased comments. After the semicolon in each unit, restate Gladwell's complete idea with more specific information he expressed in the talk. For example, in unit four, follow the general phrase "a medical condition" with an explanation of the specific medical condition Gladwell said Goliath had. This exam measures your ability to restate, accurately and in your own words, a claim made by an author. 1. The military standoff between the Philistines and the Israelites, according to Malcolm Gladwell, was mostly a result of the landscape; 2. According to Gladwell, the tradition of "single combat" had a primary advantage; 3. The slingshot of the David, Gladwell emphasizes, was not a toy; 4. Gladwell explains Goliath's weakness in terms of a medical condition;

Fig: 1