2. (30 pts) A rectangular, sharp-crested weir is used to maintain a relatively constant depth in the channel upstream of the weir. Under normal conditions, the flow rate is 30 ft/s. Under flood conditions, the flow rate is 40 ft²/s. The weir coefficient is Cwr = 0.62. (a) (15 pts) How much deeper, in ft, will the water be upstream of the weir during a flood compared to normal conditions? (b) (10 pts) Repeat Part A if the weir were to be replace by a "duck bill" weir as shown. The weir coefficient is the same Cwr = 0.62. (c) (5 pts) Do you expect the change in upstream water depth between normal and flood conditions to be larger or smaller for "duck bill" weir compared to the straight weir? Explain.

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