2. (50 pts) You have been given a project with the following description: *A large apartment building is to be constructed on a combined lot that is currently occupied by

a series of single-family residences. *The structural engineer and architect have not yet been retained for the project, so very little is known about the foundation layout or loading. You have performed borings in the area near the site for other projects so you know that: * The area is covered by alluvial deposits that typically consist of medium dense to dense sand, gravel, and clayey sand, but there are known to be scattered pockets of loose sand throughout the upper 35 feet. *The depth to the groundwater level is typically about 15 feet and the depth to partially weathered bedrock is consistently about 65 feet. Indicate on the site layout the locations where you would recommend that borings be performed. What factors did you consider in your selection of the boring locations? For each of the selected boring locations, indicate the minimum depth to which each boring should extend.How did you determine the depth of each boring?

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