2. As stated in the lectures, a space of engineering designs that is called as "Design Space" involves the design domain with a number of acceptable designs and/or a design problem with a number of design problems. Therefore, generating the design space by engineering design teams is indispensable. In this context, some of the main methods for generating the design space was discussed in the lecture.Thinking Metaphorically and Strategically, being one of the effective ones, describes the methodology for generating a design space by means of the anchoring analogies between the design aspects of the examples existing in nature and the ones for the intended design. This method encourages the design ideas inspired by nature by taking the physical constraints into consideration. Velcro fasteners and balloon-expandable vein stents are descriptive and successful engineering design examples achieved through the method. a) Search the literature, related internet sites or engineering design journals for engineering designs inspired by natures design. Failures b) Select an engineering design inspired by nature that appeals to your area of interest. c) List the objectives for the intended design. d) List the functions for the intended design. e) Describe the nature of the analogies between the inspired and the intended design.

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