Power Systems

2. Assume that we have a transmission line with characteristic impedance zo. We input a waveform with an amplitude Vo and frequency w such that the TL length l contains exactly two periods. Assume V = 0 at the edges at time t = 0.

(a) Plot and justify the incident voltage waveform V+ (x,t) as a function of x for the time values wt = 0.

(b) Plot and justify the reflected voltage waveform V (x, t) as a function of x for the time values wt = 0. Hint: make the amplitude consistent with (a).

Unlike question 1, we want to consider a lossy line. Thus the amplitude decreases as the wave propagates. Assume exponential decay with a characteristic length a.Assume load impedance z, is in short condition.

(c) Discuss the right-going RMS power at x = -l and the left-going RMS power at x = 0. Should these be different?



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