2. Consider a current mirror used in IC construction. Which of the followingstatements are true, and which are false? Indicate your answers by marking a "T"or "F" by each statement. a. An ideal current source should have an infinite output impedance._ b. When using a FET for a current mirror, wealways want to use it in the trioderegion. C. Active loads are ideal for an amplifier gain cell as they are a near zero-impedance load. d. A differential pair amplifier configuration has an ideal gain of zero (dB) for signalsof the same potential at its inputs. e. In a BJT current mirror, one of the sources of error between the reference andoutput current results from a finite amount of base current that is derived fromone side of the mirror. f. The current mirror configuration shown is a "current sink", g. Given a MOSFET with characteristic curves as shown. You are to use this devicefor a current mirror. Operating the device at a Vgs of 10v is a better choice than aVgs of 3v.

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