2. Consider the ammonia formation reaction H2(g) +;N¿(g) = NH3(g). (a) Starting with an%3Dinitial mixture of 2.00 mol H2, 2.00 mol N2 and 1.00 mol NH3 determine the equilibrium composition (in terms of mole fraction) at 500 K and 10 atm total pressure. (b) Estimate the initial and final volumes. (c) Estimate the entropy of mixing and the change in total entropy assuming the initial state where each component is separate and pure in their own chambers at 10atms pressure. Assume all components are ideal gases, and only molecular hydrogen, nitrogen and ammonia are relevant. The standard Gibbs energy and standard enthalpy of formation of gaseous ammonia at 500 K is AG° = +4.78 kJ/mol, and -49.88 kJ/mol, respectively.%3D

Fig: 1