2 EXERCISES 1. Quantify the following for the CIP concrete walls of the devator pt down for the Training Center: • Form area . Concrete volume in cubic feet, converted to cubic yards . Rod-off area Reinforcing steel weight in pounds, converted to tons, og 2ch cleare 2. Calculate the following excavation quantities for the Training Center elevale pis suming that the excavation will be 2 feet beyond the elevator pins and that 1:1 depes are required for safety: . • Structural excavation in bank cubic yards . Backfill in cubic yards after swell . Excess excavation to be disposed of 119 It is suggested that a simple sketch be made prior starting this quantification. 3. The SOG of the main floor of the Training Center is specified as 5-inches thick. A2x6 that can be used as an edge form is 5% inches wide. Quantify the total form length and comment on the following: • Do you think it is worth ripping a 2 x 6 down to 5 inches for the edge form? Why or why not? Using a full width 2 x 6 for the edge form, how much more concrete is used in the 5%-inch thick floor than in the 5 inches specified? At a material cost of $60 p bic yard for the concrete, how much will this add to the cost of the SOG? Does this have any bearing on the consideration of ripping a 2x6 down to 5 inches • How can a 5-inch floor be placed without ripping down a 2x6 or incurring the ad ditional cost for the extra concrete? 4. What is the unit weight of the following structural steel members: W10x12 • W18x40 . • W21x44 • TS10x10x% TS8x8x% • Platex 12

Fig: 1