2. Explain your slicing parameters Upload 1/2 to 1 page description of the settings you used to ensure a good quality print, using the slicer software. This should be 1.2 line spacing (minimum), Arial font, size 11. Create a table to list the key parameters you changed in order to get a high quality print with a short explanation. This will demonstrate to the examiner how well you have experimented with different settings and understand how to optimise your machine for printing. You can add images if it helps explain how you have optimised your print. At the bare minimum, you must show the duration of the print, the layer height and infill for your print, however less information will result in a lower mark. There is no need for a full front cover but please put your student ID on the top of the page as a minimum. Remember you can use Creality Slicer/Cura/Prusa Slicer or a slicer of your choice to prepare and print your part. You can use any infill amount, and any layer height.

Fig: 1