2. Given a 2-dimensional heat transfer problem with known temperatures given at nodes spaced at Ax = Ay = 10.0 cm,with the top, bottom and right surfaces of the AISI

302 stainless steel beam exposed to air at 28.0°C with h =52.0 W/m?-K. The third dimension is uniform (no heat transfer in the z-direction), and the beam has a Az thickness of 75.0 cm. Known temperatures include: T1 = 82.0 °C, T2 = 66.0°C, T3 = 75.0°C, T6 = 43.0 °C, and T7 =51.0 °C A. Find T4 and T8. B. Find the total heat transfer rate leaving the right surface of the beam and entering the air.

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