2. Media Assignment [25%] - Note that there is a Rubric on iLearn in relation to this assessment - you should use the material in this Assessment Guide to assist in

an understanding of your task and to assist in your understanding of the Rubric. Task: Prepare an analysis of a current (published after 1st April 2023) Australian newspaper/media article that relates to an aspect (topic, area, issue) of the material covered in ACCG2051 from Lecture 4 forward. Maximum length - 1000 words (including any references). [for example, pick an article about a director breaching their duties; or a company going into voluntary administration; or a shareholder class action; or a takeover; or insider trading; or insolvent trading ...] This assessment (your written analysis only, not the actual newspaper/media article) must be submitted via iLearn/Turnitin. No extensions will be granted. There will be a penalty (deduction) of 5% of the total possible mark to be applied for each day beyond the due date that a written assessment is not submitted, up until the day (including weekends). After the day a grade of '0' may be awarded even if the assessment is submitted. This penalty does not apply for cases in which an application for Special Consideration is made and approved. Note: Students should individually select articles - this is an individual assignment.

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