2. Using PSpice (or alternate), obtain the output characteristics (ic versus vce ) for an non 2N3904 BJT. The base-emitter junction is forward biased with a DC current source and the collector-base junction is reversed biased by a DC voltage source connected between the collector and emitter. Use the DC analysis and set up the DC sweep. The dialog box should be opened and for the main Sweep variable type VCE , the linear sweep is set from 0 to 10 V in increments of 0.01 V. The Nested Seep button is clicked to open its dialog box, and for the Nested Sweep variable type iB , use a linear seep from 0 to 60m A in increment of 10 m A. In Probe add the trance IC(Q1) and obtain the BJT output characteristics(you are supposed to get the BJT's curves).

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