(20 pts) 1.8 x 10³ kmol of air contained in a piston-cylinder device undergoes a thermodynamiccycle consisting of the following four quasi-equilibrium processes: Process 1-2:Isothermal compression that reduces initial volume by half Process 2-3:Isobaric expansion (heat added) Process 3-1:Isochoric heat rejection that brings the system back to State 1 The system is schematically shown below in each of the four states, with the thermodynamic state properties for few of the states explicitly given. Ambient pressure is 101.325 kPa. Assume air behaves as an ideal gas. The universal gas constant is Ry =8.314 kJ/kmol·K. (A) (5 Pts) Please draw the processes on P-V diagram indicating their directions and marking the states:1, 2, and 3 (B) (12 pts) What is the net work done during the entire process? (C) (3 pts) Is the net work done by the system (expansion work) or on the system (compression work)?Justify!

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