21. Pressure transducers are commonly used to measure pressure by generating analog signals usually in the range of 4 mA to 20 mA or 0 V-dc to 10 V-dc in

response to applied pressure. The system whose schematic is shown in Fig. P1-113 can be used to calibrate pressure transducers. A rigid container is filled with pressurized air, and pressure is measured by the manometer attached. A valve is used to regulate the pressure in the container. Both the pressure and the electric signal are measured simultaneously for various settings, and the results are tabulated. For the given set of measurements, obtain the calibration curve in the form of P = al + b, where a and b are constants, and calculate the pressure that corresponds to a signal of 10 mA. 284.21 181.55.78 297.86.97 413.18.15 765.911.76 102714.43 114915.68 136217.86 145818.84 153619.64

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