2.17.6: Two distillation columns with ethanol, butanol, and propanol. Two distillation columns, which are overseen by engineers Gianna and Peter, separate three components. A liquid mixture enters the first column at 536 kg/s and contains 35.0 mass % ethanol (C₂H5OH), 15.0 mass % propanol (C3 H7 OH), and the balance butanol (C4 H9 OH). The bottom product stream of the first column contains 93.1 mass % B and no E, and 95.1% of the B in the feed stream is recovered in the bottom product stream. The overhead product of the first column is used as the feed stream to the second column. The overhead product from the second column contains 92.1% of the E inthe feed to this column. The composition of the overhead product stream is 91.5 mass % E and the balance P. Find the component mass flow rates (kg/s) exiting in the overhead product of the first distillation column. Stream numbering is same as PFD for question 1. m3, EEx: 284 kg/s= m3,p = Ex: 74.3kg/s m3, B =Ex: 15.7kg/s

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