2.17.9: Preheater and distillation column. A preheater and distillation column are maintained by engineers Marcella and Julius. A stream of pure acetone (A, C3H6O) and a stream containing acetone, ethanol (E, C2H5OH), and butanol (B, C4H, OH)entering the preheater. One stream exits the preheater containing 144 mol/min butanol, some acetone,and some ethanol; the mole fractions of butanol and ethanol are 0.209 and 0.412, respectively. The stream of pure acetone entering the preheater is 2.42 times larger than the component flow rate of acetone in the other stream entering the preheater. The stream exiting the preheater enters a distillation column, and all of the entering butanol exits in the bottom product stream. The recoveries in the overhead product, which is defined and the ratio of component flow rate exiting to component flow rate entering the distillation column, of acetone and ethanol are 83.1% and 59.2%, respectively. Determine the following three unknowns. Mass fraction of apple in the solid waste =Ex: 0.632 Total flow rate of the concentrate =Ex: 8.82kg/min Flow rate of pure water entering the overall system =Ex: 8.95kg/min

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