3-10. One thousand cfm of air with a temperature of 100 F db and 10 percent relative humidity (RH) at a barometric pressure of 14.7 psia is humidified under adiabatic steady-flow conditions to 40 percent relative humidity with saturated vapor at 14.7 psia. Use the program PSYCH to find: (a) the final temperature of the air, (b) the mass of water vapor added to the air, and (c) the leaving volume flow rate. 80 Chapter 3 Moist Air Properties and Conditioning Processes 3-11. Air is cooled from 80 F db and 67 F wb until it is saturated at 55 F. Using Chart 1a, find (a) the moisture removed per pound of dry air, (b) the heat removed to condense the moisture, (c) the sensible heat removed, and (d) the total amount of heat removed.

Fig: 1