3. (30 Pts) One kilogram of water is contained in a piston-cylinder device at atmospheric pressure and a room temperature of 30°C. The piston rests on lower stops such that the volume occupied by the space underneath the stops that contains the water is 0.835 m³. Heat is added while keeping the pressure in the lower chamber constant at atmospheric pressure till the water occupies the entire volume of the lower chamber. The cylinder is fitted with an upper set of stops. When the piston rests against the upper stops,the volume enclosed by the piston-cylinder device is 0.841 m³. A pressure of 200 kPa is required to support the piston. Heat is continued to be added to the water till the final pressure inside the chamber reaches300 kPa. A) Draw all the processes on the P-v diagram B) How much work does the water do? How much effective piston work do we get? C) What is the final thermodynamic state of water in the chamber? D) Find the required heat transfer to the water.

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