3. A chemist is investigating the chemical reaction system by which iodine and bromine react in a closed 2.00 L container at 150.0°C to produce iodine monobromide as seen in the reaction below. 12(g) + Br₂(g) ⇒ 2 1Br (g) a) Initially she places 4.00 moles each of iodine and bromine into the 2.00 L flask and allows it to reach equilibrium. At equilibrium, she analyzes the mixture and finds it to contain 0.620 moles of bromine gas. Determine the molar concentrations of each of the reactants and products at equilibrium. Use an ICE table, as set up below. (3 marks) b) Calculate the equilibrium constant, Keq, for this reaction system. (1 mark)

Fig: 1