3) Air contained within a piston-cylinder assembly is compressed from State A to State B along two different reversible paths (Path 1. Isothermal and Path 2. Isobaric cooling, then isochoric heating).

PA= 1 Bar, TA= 25°C and PB = 5 Bar, T3 = 25°C. Ignore potential energy and kinetic energy effects. Assume that the molar volume of air at 1 Bar and 25°C is 0.025 m³/mol and C₂ = (5/2)R. a) Sketch the two paths on a P-V diagram. Label your axes and be quantitative. (5 pts) b) For each path, calculate the work and heat required, and the AU and AH associated with each process path (there will be two separate values for Path 2). Record your results in a table. (35 pts) Make sure that you state any and all assumptions